Tastings... Widmer Brother's Drifter Pale Ale

Widmer Brother's Drifter Pale Ale

I was in hotel bar not long ago, and was looking for a new beer to try.  I find hotel bars are usually not the place to find a new beer, but, alas, I found one!  Widmer Brother's Drifter Pale Ale (http://widmerbrothers.com/beer/#drifter-pale-ale)

When the glass was put in front of me, a Widmer Brother's glass, I was surprised by the amber color of the beer.  My experience with pale ales is they are on the more golden side of the scale, so seeing this amber beauty in front of me set me up for something exotic.  And... on first sniff, grapefruit?  A nice sharp, but not overly so, citrusy nose that seemed to prepare my tastebuds for my first mouthful.

And what a mouthful!  The citrus flavor, I'll call it grapefruit again, made the beer pop and sparkle, but did not appear sharp as carbonation does, and introduced me to the pale ale within.  The ale was smooth going in, and finished clean with a touch of the hops in the back of the throat.  That first taste was wonderful, and the way I would expect a new (and good) beer to be.

Of carbonation, it was medium... enough to keep the bubbles going through the life of the glass... the glass was from draught, so I expected a lighter, but not missing carbonation.

Being a hops lover, I enjoy opportunities to enjoy the aroma and taste of hopes when I can.  As a home brewer, that 60 minute hops addition makes the whole day better.  So, when half way through the glass, I discovered the joy of the Drifter hop burp... talk about a finish... I sat back and knew I was drinking a new favorite.

One thing to beware of... this is not a session beer!  I had two glasses of the Drifter and, sad to say, the second glass was not as enjoyable as the first.  I did, though, have another a day or so later and, wonderful.

I say, if you can find one, buy one... and enjoy the burps.