Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My First Issue of Zymurgy

A little more than a month ago I joined the American Homebrewers Association <>, the organization founded by Charlie Papazian, in order to have access to all the cool "member's only" stuff the AHA keeps out on their website.  Not long after I received my membership card, and today (drum roll please) I received my first issue of Zymurgy magazine!  To quote George Takai, "oh my..."

Now, I've had subscriptions before, so I know the feeling of getting that first issue and wanting to read every article, and then reading it again because it was so great.  But Zymurgy... holy crap!  I've read a few of the articles and I swear they wrote each one just for me.  For example, I read a short article on carbonating Bavarian Hefeweizen according to the Rheinheitsgebot... having made a hefe, reading this article was something I could relate to and appreciate.  

I think I will be very happy with my subscription, and I already am looking forward to each new issue.  Unfortunately the issues are released every 2 months, but that will just add to the junkie-like anticipation of more articles about beer... and also, the AHA just opened the archive of Zymurgy online to "member's only" so I'll have plenty of beer stuff to read in between (something like 15 years worth!!)

Brew on!

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